"In The Wild Princess, Mary Hart Perry spins a marvelous tale about the life of the real Princess Louise, Queen Victoria's most unconventional daughter-and the fascinating events that might have taken place between the cracks of recorded history.  Full of romance and suspense, The Wild Princess is the life Louise could have-should have-had.  Mary Hart Perry has created a masterly historical novel."  
Mary Jo Putney, New York Times bestselling author of No Longer a Gentleman, and Dark Destiny as M. J. Putney.

"Romantic, exciting, historically accurate and deliciously imaginative, Mary Hart Perry's THE WILD PRINCESS is a lush and entertaining read that truly delivers. Perry creates a fascinating portrait of Princess Louise -- artist, wild child and modern thinker caught in the confines of her mother's strict court -- and immerses the reader in a vivid Victorian setting. I devoured the book and I'm eager to read more about Victoria's daring daughters!"
Susan Fraser King, author of Lady Macbeth and Queen Hereafter

"THE WILD PRINCESS is a fascinating, intriguing glimpse into a royal household.  There is the public image and then there is the reality that Mary Hart Perry brilliantly brings to life."  Cathy Maxwell, NY Times bestselling author of Lyon's Bride

"The Wild Princess is a wild ride, artfully told and overflowing with lavish Victorian detail. Perry's Louise is equal parts fearless and vulnerable, admirable but also approachable. Perry walks the line between fact and invention with ease, weaving a fictional tale that nevertheless feels real."  --Dani Alexis Ryskamp, blogger at The Book Cricket (review appears on Shelf Awareness for Readers)

"Lots of action, compassion, mystery, and romance. Definitely a must read for those who love a great romance." A Date with a Book

"With sweeping language, wonderful characters and a plot based in historical reality, Mary Hart Perry captures both an era and a lifetime of hidden secrets and intrigue with her wonderful writing. If you enjoy biographical novels, particularly historical fiction, then this is a must read in your TBR pile!" Acting Balanced

"I loved this book! The story line portrays a truly fascinating look into a royal household away from the public eye. Highly recommended to those who love romance." Rating: 5 Stars!  My Cozie Corner Book Reviews

"I love historical fiction and I'm a huge fan of Philippa Gregory's work, and now I am also a fan of Mary Hart Perry. This novel has mystery, romance and historical's just wonderful.  Rating: 4.2 Stars!"  For the Love of Film and Novels

"A rollicking adventure about Queen Victoria’s bold artist daughter who finds herself ensnared in a plot involving expert bombers, a murderous pimp, and the former undercover guard to Abraham Lincoln, one of which vies for her heart." Heather Webb, Between the Sheets

"A must read for all those who love the Victorian era and historical fiction love stories! Rating: 4 Buzz-worthy bees." Bumbles and Fairy-Tales

"I loved the story line. I loved the pacing. But most of all, I really loved the characters!"  Understanding Shae's Story

"The Wild Princess is a fantastic historical fiction piece that focuses on Louise, daughter number 4. The writing style of the author was fantastic. I felt like each scene throughout the novel was real and that I was there reliving history."  Sapphyria's Book Reviews

"If you're a fan of historical fiction, you will enjoy this book!" 4.5 Stars  Book Lovin' Mamas

"Mary Hart Perry's voice is lush and masterful. She knows how to weave a romance into historical context, alongside sizzling suspense and lingering mystery. I would recommend this book to lots of friends." Rating: a Radical 8 hearts Miraculous! book reviews

"From the moment I started reading, I was hooked. So much so that I didn’t do much else until I finished reading. It’s that good, I assure you." Lissette E. Manning, Random Musings of a Writer

"I'll read anything this woman writes because somewhere along the way I fell in love with her writing style. I would recommend this book to everyone, it's a great read because it's so dynamic; the writing, characters, plot and setting were superb."  Turning the Pages

"If you’re a historical fiction’ll adore the book as much as I did." The Lucky Ladybug reviews

"The Wild Princess (is) a lovely example of historical romance. Mary Hart Perry has a style that is all her own. I look forward to reading her future novels about the Victorian princesses. Rating: 4 Stars!" Bibliophilia, Please

"(Mary Hart Perry) has created a wonderful book where the reader can fantasize about eating, being friends, or even hanging out with a royal family member. Perfect for a day at the beach or anytime. If you have not gotten your copy yet, head on out to your favorite book store and pick it up today."  The Bunny's Review

"I absolutely loved this book.  A must read for all lovers of historical fiction!"  Rating: 5 flowers  A Chick Who Reads

"(Y)ou are easily swept into the tale and biting your nails as you turn the page. Fans of historical romance and the Victorian age will love this tale." Rating: 4 Ravens Wonderland Reviews

"A great summer read!" All Things Writing

"With vivid details of royal life and all it entails, Perry has obviously done her research. (The book) reads like you could be watching it through the window. Pages just fly by as this reviewer found herself immersed in the decadent and secret world of Princess Louise, later known as the Duchess of Argyll. Fans of Phillippa Gregory will devour this novel and the forbidden love and secrets embedded." Minding Spot book blog

"There aren't quite enough words to describe how happy I am that I decided to pick this up. Not only was it a beautiful love story; it was also so much more...  The story completely drew me in, and the characters are awesome. I really, really loved this one!"  Rating: 4.5 roses    Sparkles and Lightning: A YA book blog

"Vivid! You feel like you are walking through the scenes in this book."  The Red-Headed Bookworm

"How many of us have ever dreamed of being a part of the (British) Royal Family? Well this book is ... about royal life, romance, and history entwined into a wonderfully delightful tale." Adventures of Frugal Mom

"Vivid and expansive. Perry's historical facts are spot-on. I am in love with this book." Rating: 5 cameo pins   Window on the World