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"Victorian is the new Regency."

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I Never Thought I'd See you Again

I Never Thought I'd See You Again

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The Wild Princess


The Wild Princess: A Novel of Queen Victoria’s Daughters
by Mary Hart Perry
Avon Books
Now Available

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A headstrong English princess. A dashing American Civil War veteran. Add a scandalous secret and threats against the queen by Irish terrorists, and you have a deliciously sensual Victorian thriller. Mary Hart Perry brings you the first of a series of stunning romantic novels starring the five daughters of Queen Victoria.

Fact: In 1871, Princess Louise (Queen Victoria and Prince Albert’s fourth daughter) had a reputation for being the “wild child” of the family. She insisted upon mixing socially with commoners and being trained in London as a professional artist at a time when girls were denied the same education as boys. The nerve of her!
So…what is a princess to do when she longs to break out of Buckingham Palace and follow her dream—but her mother marries her off to a man who can’t return her love?

In The Wild Princess, Louise discovers that her new husband isn’t the man she thought he was. Although the marquess of Lorne comes from good Scottish stock, his hidden motives for marrying force her to look elsewhere for love. But a loveless marriage isn’t the worst of her worries. Desperate men have vowed to free Ireland from the Crown, even if it takes blowing up half of London, and the royal family with it. How will Louise protect those she loves?

Mary Hart Perry’s novels are an irresistible blend of romance, suspense, and lush Victorian settings. Enjoy!

"In The Wild Princess, Mary Hart Perry spins a marvelous tale about the life of the real Princess Louise, Queen Victoria's most unconventional daughter-and the fascinating events that might have taken place between the cracks of recorded history.  Full of romance and suspense, The Wild Princess is the life Louise could have-should have-had.  Mary Hart Perry has created
a masterly historical novel."  
Mary Jo Putney, New York Times bestselling author of No Longer a Gentleman, and Dark Destiny as M. J. Putney.

"Romantic, exciting, historically accurate and deliciously imaginative, Mary Hart Perry's THE WILD PRINCESS is a lush and entertaining read that truly delivers. Perry creates a fascinating portrait of Princess Louise -- artist, wild child and modern thinker caught in the confines of her mother's strict court -- and immerses the reader in a vivid Victorian setting. I devoured the book and I'm eager to read more about Victoria's daring daughters!"
Susan Fraser King, author of Lady Macbeth and Queen Hereafter

"THE WILD PRINCESS is a fascinating, intriguing glimpse into a royal household.  There is the public image and then there is the reality that Mary Hart Perry brilliantly brings to life."  Cathy Maxwell, NY Times bestselling author of Lyon's Bride

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